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Not the End of the World

Labradors: Pimples! Ugh!

While your Labrador isn’t likely worried about looking ‘hot’ on a first date, as a Labrador owner, you should be aware that they suffer from an ailment that often gives humans fits – acne.  Yup, your favorite pup can get zits on their chin and lower jaw area.  Instead of being red and inflamed like […]

Oh my goodness...

Perfect Pets and Sometimes Problems

Like every pet, Labradors are prone to specific health problems – most notably hip dysplasia. This disorder causes the hip joint to malform and can range from mild cases to very severe. The worst cases require treatment and often surgery. Many dogs from this breed also suffer from one or two eye disorders, and epilepsy can be a problem for many.

Real Buddy System!

Labradors Like Springtime Exercise!

Finding time to go running out in the springtime air is great for anyone’s disposition, but it will do wonders for your Labrador Retriever. Being cooped up after drastically cold winter weather will sometimes drive any animal, or human for that matter, batty, and the exercise is great for both of you.

Break Time

Labradors Love to Play

Finding time to play with your Labrador Retriever is an absolute must. Doing so will keep both dog and owner happy with each other, and work at keeping each other in shape. Maintaining interest of your dog though, can sometimes be tough.

Keeping Your Labrador Safe in Springtime Heat

Keeping Your Labrador Safe in Springtime Heat

Weather changes are appreciated by many people, especially when they head for the warmer times. We, as humans, generally can’t stand to be in cold weather for very long periods of time; we’re just not built for it. However, Labradors are. And while humans love the upcoming heat of spring and summer, Labradors don’t.