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Labrador retriever dogs can bark for a variety of reasons.

Reasons Labrador Retriever Dogs Bark

All dogs bark. When you are a dog owner, it is a fact of life. However, there is such a thing as excessive barking. Even when it isn’t excessive, the barking of Labrador retriever dogs can be irritating to the owners, as well as to those who live nearby. There are some things you can […]

Two Labradors can be twice the fun and twice the work.

Are Two Labrador Retrievers More Maintenance Than One?

You probably already know that Labrador retrievers are high maintenance, mainly due to the excessive amount of energy and great need for exercise. In addition to their need for exercise, Labrador retriever dogs are also more prone to separation anxiety, which means they can become destructive when they are left alone, especially if you choose […]

Labrador retrievers require plenty of exercise.

Are Labrador Retriever Dogs High Maintenance?

When you are trying to choose the best dog for you, it is important to consider all aspects of dog ownership. One of the factors that is the most important to determine is whether the dog is high maintenance. While the Labrador retriever dogs are an excellent family dog, you will need to determine if […]

Labrador retrievers can become best friends under the right circumstances.

Tips for Introducing Two Labrador Retrievers in Your Home

Some people are perfectly happy with only having one dog in their lives; however, there are others who always need at least two dogs to be happy. For most people, getting one dog at a time works the best, which means they will need to deal with introducing the new dog and the older dog […]

Labrador retriever puppies are more likely to experience separation anxiety.

How to Reduce Separation Anxiety in Labrador Retriever Puppies

Just like a baby, young Labrador retriever puppies can go through periods of separation anxiety. Dogs are pack animals that rely upon the rest of their pack for their survival. When you take a Labrador or any dog into your home, you become the dog’s pack. When you leave the dog home for the day […]