Labrador Retriever “Stages”

labradors and children, labrador training, labradorsCongratulations on entering the active Labrador world! Since you’re new to this conquest,  you may be wondering when your Labrador puppy will finally calm down. Labradors are very sociable dogs with a great deal of enthusiasm and energy. That is why it is important for this breed to get plenty of exercise and human interaction. There are several levels of energy that your Labrador will go through during its life, all of which are fairly active.

Stage One: Newborn

As most breeds during this stage of life, your Labrador puppy will want to eat, cuddle and sleep. You won’t notice the bounds of energy trapped inside, just waiting to play!

Stage Two: Toddler

Once your puppy is around 8-10 weeks old, the energy level skyrockets. Your puppy is learning all it can about the world and going through some biological changes. This is when it starts to lose its puppy teeth and the adult teeth start to break through, so watch out for chewing! You can help your active Labrador by freezing some wet towels and letting them gnaw on them.  Teething generally lasts until your puppy is about 5 months old.

Stage Three: Adolescent

Your Labrador will be in a state of frantic and disorderly conduct until they are about a year old. They know all of the rules but during this time, they will definitely test your patience and try to break them all. This is when you need to reinforce all your training and assert your dominance as leader of the pack.

Stage Four: Adultlabrador, labradors, active labradors, labrador training

Once your active Labrador is around a year old, they’ll become more comfortable with their surroundings. Their energy level is still high but they seem a bit more settled in their environment, wanting to spend quality time playing with their family.

Stage Five: Senior

Around 5 years old, your little puppy that had endless energy is there in spirit but it’s body is slowing down a bit. Your active Labrador will still have a good amount of energy but it won’t seem as frantic or careless as before. This is a good time to enjoy your Labrador as a friendly companion, sitting at your feet or lounging in the yard.

Your Labrador is an energetic dog at most all stages of its life. Keep a healthy amount of physical activity on the schedule and be sure to spend quality time with your pet for a healthy relationship.

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