Advertising with is a great way to expose your products or services. While we focus on Labrador retrievers, dog lovers, are dog lovers. Dog toys, dog games, and dog treats, know no breed.  Tons of pet lovers of every stripe visit this site daily!

Contact us today for details, and we’ll be happy to help you get set up with anything from a spot as a “Contributing Blogger” on our site, to fee-based rotating banners on the right-hand side of ClubLabrador.

ClubLabrador Tweets, is active on Facebook, and has a dedicated list of registered readers, which means we are highly visible to Google.

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Banner Ad – Right Sidebar (110×90)

  • Purchase a Banner Spot on for $50 a month
  • Your banner will be rotated through using ad software and will appear in the Right Sidebar
  • Your Banner Ad will appear in the right sidebar, and be rotated frequently with specialized software
  • We’ll Twitter and Facebook about your introduction to the site

Text Link Advertising

  • Text Link Ads now available on for $50 a month
  • The Text Links will stay in one place on the site (non—rotating)
  • We’ll Twitter and Facebook about your introduction to the site

Guest Blog Posts

  • Contact us to find out how to be a “Contributing Blogger”
  • Contact us to find out how to become an Advertising “Contributing Blogger” ($25 per instance)


  • All banners must be appropriately sized
  • All banners must be pet-related, or directly related to your product or service
  • reserves all rights to deny posts, text or images from appearing on their site, if deemed inappropriate.


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