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Keeping your Labrador cool in the summer is essential to his Labrador retriever health.

Labrador Retriever Health: Tips for Preventing Heat Stroke

Labrador retrievers love to spend a lot of time outside, even when the heat starts to rise. As the temperature goes up in the summer months, it is critical for dog owners to know how to prevent heat stroke for the sake of their Labrador retriever health. Your dog isn’t going to be able to […]

With Labrador puppy training, your dog can become a solid swimmer.

Have Fun in the Water with Labrador Puppy Training

Most people know dogs are natural swimmers, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to work with your dog in the water. If you intend to spend time with your Labrador retriever in the water, you will need to make sure he knows how to swim well to avoid any accidents in and around the […]

Mental stimulation is an important element in maintaining senior Labrador retriever health.

Keep Your Senior Labrador Retriever Mentally Healthy

An important aspect of your Labrador retriever health is his mental health. Most people understand how important it is to keep your senior dog as active as possible to keep him healthy for longer. However, his mental health should also be a major concern. It is up to you to help your senior Labrador get […]

Finding the right food will help your Labrador retriever live healthier.

Choosing the Right Food for Your Labrador Retriever

There are so many dog food options available on the market, making it difficult for many dog owners to choose which ones are the best. Just like the food people eat, some dog food contains too many ingredients that aren’t beneficial to your Labrador retriever’s health. Some of those ingredients can actually contribute to health […]

Keep your lab happy by playing with him.

Keeping Your Labrador Happy

As with any relationship, your relationship with your Labrador works two ways. While dogs are a man’s best friend, it is important to show your dog you do love him and care about his well-being; a true relationship doesn’t just happen naturally. When you show your dog just how much you care in ways dogs […]

When your Labrador swims, he can develop swimmer's tail.

About Swimmer’s Tail in Labradors

In the summer months, Labrador retrievers love to go swimming, whether in a pool, lake or other body of water. These dogs are excellent swimmers. In fact, it can be one of the things that encourages dog owners to choose this breed. However, what happens when your dog experiences a problem after he has gone […]

Training your Labrador to walk well on a leash works to your advantage.

How to Train Your Labrador to Walk with You

When you get your Labrador puppy, you are probably so excited, you don’t realize how much training is involved. You see all the other people in your neighborhood, taking a walk with their dogs who walk nicely next to them. However, when you put a collar and leash on your new puppy, you find that […]

Two Labradors can be twice the fun and twice the work.

Are Two Labrador Retrievers More Maintenance Than One?

You probably already know that Labrador retrievers are high maintenance, mainly due to the excessive amount of energy and great need for exercise. In addition to their need for exercise, Labrador retriever dogs are also more prone to separation anxiety, which means they can become destructive when they are left alone, especially if you choose […]

Labrador retrievers require plenty of exercise.

Are Labrador Retriever Dogs High Maintenance?

When you are trying to choose the best dog for you, it is important to consider all aspects of dog ownership. One of the factors that is the most important to determine is whether the dog is high maintenance. While the Labrador retriever dogs are an excellent family dog, you will need to determine if […]

Jobs a Labrador Retriever Can Do

Jobs a Labrador Retriever Can Do

The Labrador retriever belongs to the working breed of dogs for good reason. They are strong, intelligent and easy to train. They also get along well with people, which make them an excellent partner for a human. While most people get this breed of dog as a family pet, this breed can also be put […]