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Mental stimulation is an important element in maintaining senior Labrador retriever health.

Keep Your Senior Labrador Retriever Mentally Healthy

An important aspect of your Labrador retriever health is his mental health. Most people understand how important it is to keep your senior dog as active as possible to keep him healthy for longer. However, his mental health should also be a major concern. It is up to you to help your senior Labrador get […]

Crate training gives your Labrador retriever a safe place to go.

The Importance of Crate Training for Your Labrador Retriever

Even though some pet owners seem to think it is mean to close your Labrador retriever in a crate, crate training is an important aspect of Labrador retriever puppy training. Without the proper training, it can be difficult to help your dog behave well. Once you understand the importance of this type of Labrador retriever […]

Labrador retriever training can make your dog the envy of the neighborhood.

Labrador Retriever Training: Walking without a Leash

Most of the dogs you see walking in the park or down the street are on a leash. Have you ever seen a Labrador retriever walking down the street next to his owner without a leash? You may wonder how the owner got so lucky to have a Labrador that will walk by his side […]

Bomb sniffing Labrador retrievers help keep the public safe.

Certain Situations Require Bomb Sniffing Labrador Retrievers

  Labrador retrievers are highly intelligent dogs that are often used as bomb sniffing dogs. When it comes to training these dogs, they are easily able to identify a large number of explosives and other materials that are commonly found in bombs, especially those that are homemade. In light of many of the bombings that […]

Organic food can be best to preserve your Labrador retriever health.

The Benefits of Organic Dog Food for Labrador Retriever Health

As a pet owner, you likely care about your Labrador retriever health just like you do for the rest of the family. When you choose organic dog food for your pet, you will be able to improve many areas of his life. If you are having trouble deciding whether you can pay that much for […]

Labrador retrievers can easily be trained as bomb sniffing dogs.

Training Labrador Retrievers as Bomb Sniffing Dogs

With all the bomb threats that occur on a regular basis, as well as the actual bombings that do take place, it is critical for many law enforcement agencies to make use of bomb sniffing dogs as a way to identify these devices and put a stop to the danger before it becomes a real […]

Labrador retrievers make great bomb sniffing dogs.

Labrador Retrievers Make Great Bomb Sniffing Dogs

Dogs have long been used to detect illegal substances, including bombs. When it comes to choosing the type of dog for these tasks, Labrador retrievers seem to always be at the top of the list. Even though these dogs are considered to be sporting dogs, many of those characteristics that make them great sporting dogs […]

Body language is essential to understanding your Labrador retriever.

Learn to Read Labrador Retriever Body Language

Sometimes, it can feel impossible to determine what your dog is trying to tell you. After all, he can’t talk to you. This is when it becomes useful to learn how to ready Labrador retriever body language. Once you are able to pick up on these sometimes minor signals, you will be able to get […]

Proper exercise is one way to help with Labrador retriever weight problems.

How to Identify Labrador Retriever Weight Problems

When you own a dog, it is important to do whatever you can to promote a healthy lifestyle for your pet, including in his weight. Many Labrador health problems come down to Labrador retriever weight problems. Therefore, it is up to you to learn how to identify when your dog is overweight and what you […]

You can help curb your Labrador's messy drinking habits.

How to Keep Your Labrador’s Drinking Area Clean

Anyone who has a Labrador retriever knows how messy they can be when it comes to the way they drink water. If you don’t watch where you are going, you can find yourself stepping in a slobbery mess. Not only can this be bothersome, it can also cause you to slip and fall, resulting in […]