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When you use a Labrador retriever rescue, you are giving a dog a second chance.

Benefits of Using a Labrador Retriever Rescue

Those Labrador puppies that you see in the pet store look so cute and you probably feel badly that they are cooped up in those tiny cages with no place to go. In addition, it is so much more convenient to just drop into the local pet store and pick out a puppy. However, once […]

The Fun and Versatile Black Labrador Retriever

The Fun and Versatile Black Labrador Retriever

While you are in the process of picking the perfect puppy for your home, you will be confronted with hundreds of breeds to choose from. More and more Americans are turning to the Labrador Retriever to complete their family. Labs are, in general, fun and affectionate dogs, making them ideal for families. Choosing what type of Labrador to purchase is the next step – and the Black Lab is one of the best of the breed.

They All Want Love

Rescue A Lab: Change Your Life

One of the hardest things in the word to look at is a Labrador retriever that is in pain from having been abused. You automatically want to help the dog—or dogs—no matter what, just as anyone would.

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Learn how you can help and read up on the breed; knowledge will help you in a number of ways. First, you will find out that there is so much to love about the lab in the first place. Discovering more information about lab rescues will be something that you will find very satisfying, and there is quite a bit of information on rescue of not only this special breed, but just about every other breed out there. Quite often it is up to the Humane Society or local animal cruelty prevention society to take care of rescuing animals of all types from abusive owners. That is not always the case, though.

Other rescue groups do exist in a number of areas specifically for the purpose of Labrador rescue. On our website, you’ll find a list of several different websites—some are very localized, others are national. One is even a Canadian website.

Labs from a local Labrador Rescue

Adopting a Labrador in Need of a Loving Home

If you are looking for a new dog to add to your family, consider adopting a Labrador that has been rescued and is looking for a new home.We all know that puppies are soft and cuddly but they do turn into a adult dogs. Here are some good points to consider when it comes to choosing a puppy verses an older dog.