4 Best Dog Breeds for your Personality type


Matching your dog breed with your personality is more than a matter of color or fur. Personalities run deep. Animal owners love Labradors, poodles and Chihuahuas. But let’s be real, Chihuahuas aren’t the best fit for every owner. The same can be said for Pomeranians. Dogs are known for displaying human-like characteristics. As a result, owners must consider their own personalities when picking their dog. Below is a small selection of popular dogs and ideal mates:


No point in saving the best for last. Labradors possess the best personality combination for most owners. Labradors thrive in an environment ripe with play and pleasure. When they’re done fetching a stick, they’ll curl up beside their owners. Not too big, not too small, they fit best with someone who adores the presence of a dog when they’re standing in the kitchen or relaxing in the bed. Labradors love being petted and people love to pet them. They fit best with owners who enjoy attention, but don’t always crave it. Their owners should enjoy leisure, but also be eager to throw the frisbee.


Chihuahuas are feisty. They’re also loyal and independent. In many ways they are the cat of dogs. They are dignified, but boisterous. They say I’m cute, but back off. Chihuahuas are small and therefore fit better in a purse than on a leash. For that reason, they’re best served with an owner that totes them around, but doesn’t show them off. Chihuahuas prefer to be left alone more often than not. So tell your friends to admire how cute they are, but save the petting for the next breed.


Ah yes, we all remember Lassie. Loyal, heroic, friendly and warm. Lassie created the ideal for many pet owners of the dogs they want. Their flowing fur, dignified stance and friendly bark create warm feelings. Collies fit best with friendly outgoing owners. The owners care about their appearance and their dog’s appearance. They make friends easily and are often the life of the party, but do so with the dignity of an elder statesman.

German Shepherds

No dogs are more loyal to owners than German Shepherds. German Shepherds will stick beside their owners when they’re nervous. Their owners should seek the same kind of close relationship with German Shepherds as would be expected with a best friend you do everything with. German Shepherds are also great for owners that seek projects in their personal and professional lives. German Shepherds often work as police dogs for a reason. They have a higher intelligence, which makes them capable of being trained to sniff narcotics and crime scenes. The same intelligence makes them ideal for owners who want a child, but are more ready for a dog. They can teach and nurture the dog as they would a child, but without added growing pains.

The right coat

Picking a dog is like picking a mate. No you don’t get as many dates, but you still need to be sure you make each other happy.

The best solution is to make several visits to shelters and spend times with dogs before you bring them home. Develop a friendship and see if that friendship fits you and your dog.

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