Keep Your Senior Labrador Retriever Mentally Healthy

An important aspect of your Labrador retriever health is his mental health. Most people understand how important it is to keep your senior dog as active as possible to keep him healthy for longer. However, his mental health should also be a major concern. It is up to you to help your senior Labrador get through his later years with a sharp mind by following these tips.

Regular Feeding Schedule

Keeping your dog on a regular feeding schedule is extremely important. For Labradors, eating is a form of mental stimulation. When you feed him at the same time every day, he will learn to tell exactly when you will feed him, keeping his mind stimulated.

Read to Him

Many people know they should read to their children for their mental wellbeing. Reading to your senior Labrador retriever can also be advantageous. The sound of your voice can have a profound effect on the health of your dog’s mind. This is especially true if your dog suffers from some physical ailment that causes him pain. Listening to your voice keeps his mind off his other problems and relaxes him.

Take Him with You

Taking your senior Labrador retriever with you is a great way to stimulate his mind. If you enjoy bike riding, you can purchase a trailer for your bike to allow your senior dog to ride along with you, even when he is too old and sore to go on a walk with you. You can also take him with you if you are going out on errands. However, it is important to never leave your dog in the car, especially when it is hot. Taking him to the pet store is a great place to go when you take him with you.

Give Him Plenty of Attention

Buy your Labrador retriever stimulating toys and spend time working on new tricks with him. Treating him more like a younger dog will ensure his mind remains stimulated and active. Another great way to keep your dog mentally stimulated is to hide treats and encourage your dog to find him to keep him thinking.

Your Labrador retriever health has a natural tendency to deteriorate as he ages, just like his physical health. However, if you work hard to keep your dog mentally stimulated, you can ensure he lives a long, healthy life. With the help of these tips, you will be able to enjoy your dog, even if he can’t get around like he used to.

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