Labrador Retrievers: Beginner’s Guide

A Labrador Overview

As you begin your journey towards dog ownership, you are likely to be confronted with more breeds than you ever thought were possible.  The Labrador is currently the most popular dog in the United States, with good reason.  Still, taking some time to understand what a Lab is and where they came from can help you determine if it is the right breed for you.

Breed History

labrador, labradors, active labradors, labrador trainingMany Labrador lovers do not realize that the original breed was indigenous to Canada.  They were more than man’s best friend – they were an important part of the fishing community, where they worked side by side with fishermen to pull in nets and catch escaped fish.  Eventually, they were crossbred with several other breeds, most notably Spaniels and Setters, to create the breed we know today.

The Perfect Owner

While every breed has unique characteristics, perhaps none demand a specific type of owner like the Labrador.  Remember that Labs are very active and social.  The perfect owner will have both the time and the energy to devote time each day to their Labs.  This is especially true during the critical ‘puppy’ time.  The ideal owner will recognize just how much affection and playtime their new pet needs and will work each day to provide them with the puppy/owner time they need.

Just What You’re Getting Intolabrador, labradors, active labradors, labrador training

Labradors are considered medium-sized dogs.  They are athletic, with a short coat that is partially water resistant.  They are the ideal dog for waterfowl hunting but also have sweet and temperate dispositions making them perfect family pets.

If you have the time to devote to your new pet, the Lab may be the perfect breed for you.  Full of energy and affectionate, they are ideal for both families and outdoorsmen. Consider adding one of these fun and feisty dogs to your home and see how long it takes for you to have a new best friend.

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