Learn to Identify an Ear Infection for Labrador Retriever Health

Labrador Retriever Health

Learn the signs of an ear infection for your Labrador retriever health.

Ear infections are a fairly common ailment in Labrador retrievers. However, it can often be difficult to identify when your dog is experiencing an ear infection. After all, it isn’t as if your dog will tell you his ear is bothering him. Your Labrador retriever health is dependent on you to make sure he gets to the vet when he needs it so he doesn’t have to suffer unnecessarily.

Unusual Discharge

While wax is normal in a dog’s ears, just like in a human’s ears, some types of discharge can be an indication of an ear infection in your Labrador retriever. In most cases, any discharge that is wet or oily can be the indicator of a problem within your dog’s ears. This substance may be yellow or brown and may even contain some blood, especially if the infection is more severe.

Redness or Swelling

Take a look at the inside of your dog’s ears. Looking at it when your Labrador retriever health is good will allow you to identify the differences when it is infected. In general, the inside canals of the ear can become red and may even swell when your Labrador is suffering from an ear infection.

Excessive Scratching

It is perfectly normal for your Labrador retriever to scratch himself, especially in the ear area. However, if he is scratching himself in the ears so often he is scratching off the hair, it could be an indicator of an ear infection. Keep track of how often he is scratching so you can let the vet know about the frequency.

Shaking His Head

Shaking of the head and tilting the head, particularly in one direction or the other, isn’t typical behavior for your Labrador retriever. If you see these activities in your dog, it may be best to take him to see the vet to ensure he isn’t suffering from an ear infection.

Ear infections may be a common issue with your Labrador retriever health, but that doesn’t mean your dog has to suffer through them. To ensure your dog is as healthy as possible, learn how to identify the signs of an ear infection so you can make an appointment with your vet right away. Your vet will be able to look inside his ears and let you know if he does have an infection. If he does, you can treat it easily with ear drops so your dog will feel better in no time.

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