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labrador health, labradors and health, training labradorsBringing home a new puppy can be one of the most exciting things you can do. Labrador puppies are known for their affection, energy and devotion and have become the most popular canine breed in America. Cute to look at, Labs are fast learners; however, there are some things that you should be aware of before you make the decision to purchase a lab.

True Labs are pure-breeds, so your first consideration should be finding a breeder. It is important to carefully check the reputation of each breeder prior to selecting one. Discuss what health tests they perform on their breeding stock and ask to see records. This will help you avoid purchasing a pet that is genetically predisposed to develop one of the common Labrador ailments.

Once you have selected a breeder and a liter has been born, your next major hurdle will be picking the perfect puppy. This can belabrador health, labradors and health, training labradors difficult and many folks make the same mistake. They choose the first puppy that approaches them. There is a belief that this puppy will be the most affectionate. This is actually often completely wrong. Instead of affectionate, these bold pups are often simply the most aggressive of the pack. Stay away from the puppy that is scared or nervous – they will likely grow into an easily frightened animal. Take some time to review the entire liter. If you see a puppy who appears cautious you’ve probably found the perfect pet. Typically it is these puppies that grow into pets that are obedient and enjoyable.

You also cannot deny that sometimes you just bond with a particular Labrador puppy. If this is the case, spend some time watching the dog interact with its littermates to see how he or she acts around other dogs, always remember that this behavior is a good indicator of their eventual personality.

Take some time when selecting your Lab puppy – it will help ensure you end up with the perfect pet.

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