Rescue Labradors

Often Labrador retrievers have been abandoned after a lifetime of neglect or abuse from their owners. Rescue Labradors are part of a breed that is generally very sweet-spirited and good with kids making them the perfect addition to your home.

Because rescue Labradors have often abused or abandoned before reaching temporary shelters or foster homes, there can be a learning curve time period where they adjust to your home and family. Be patient with rescue Labradors as they integrate into your family’s routine and home atmosphere. Rescue Labradors are looking for homes where they be loved and taken care of with shelter, food and water and lots of play time for their energetic personalities.

Adopting rescue Labradors does require time and attention from your family. Obedience training and firm reinforcement training at home with lots of praise for rescue Labradors can help them in adjusting and becoming more comfortable in their new family. Preparing your home with a comfortable sleeping environment, food and a place for playing is also crucial in making your home a safe place for rescue Labradors on your adoption list. As you choose your adopted Labrador, make sure that they have or will have all of their current vaccinations, are neutered or spayed, have their up-to-date blood work, and flea and tick protection. Keeping your new pet healthy is beneficial not only to them but also contributes to their overall well-being as part of their new family.

While rescue Labradors do enjoy time outside, they are also very sociable, friendly dogs that shouldn’t spend all day outside. Labradors want to interact with your family and other pets if you have them. By integrating them into that family life, you can help them form new relationships and forget their past traumatic experiences in abusive homes or shelters. Patience is key during the initial few weeks with your adopted Labrador as they learn to adjust your household and routine. As they learn what you expect from them and that their new home is a safe and loving environment, they will adjust and become a loyal, loving part of your home life.  Including rescue Labradors as part of your pet adoption plan for your family can help a loving, friendly Labrador find a new home and new family.

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