Labradors Love to Play

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Finding time to play with your Labrador Retriever is an absolute must.  Doing so will keep both dog and owner happy with each other, and work at keeping each other in shape.  Maintaining interest of your dog though, can sometimes be tough.

Learning how to keep your Labrador entertained with new toys is easy enough: buy them and try them!  Now, it’s not necessary to purchase a new toy every time you go to the pet store, although your Labrador might like that.  However, keeping the same toys for years on end is no good, as they lose their value in terms of play, and exercise as well.  Plus, they can get kind of gross.

Buying new toys for your dog to play with provides them opportunities to exercise muscles that don’t always get used, depending on the toy that you purchase.  Toys such as a large tug toy, made of strong plastic, will work the jaw and neck muscles, and give them that thrill of playing with and play-dominating their master.

labrador, labradors, active labradors, labrador training

Amusing Labradors can be fun as well with a motorized barking dog ball.  The ball itself goes inside a bag once it’s turned on and the bag sealed, and then put on the floor for your dog to chase after.  Many dogs are quite amused by this toy and can’t figure out what’s going on.  Keeping their attention to play is easy with this particular toy.

Playing is one of the favorite pastimes of Labradors, so it is important to make sure that their toys stay clean.  It is also vital to check their toys on a regular basis for any problems, and replace them with new toys.

Squeaking toys are also fun, especially when the Labrador puts their foot down on them.  There are some new squeaking mats out on the market that are especially fun, some with up to sixteen squeakers in them.  Whichever you choose for a new toy, enjoy the playtime!

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  1. Pam says:

    We got a black lab puppy for the boys for Christmas and I am the one that struggles with living with him. He is the sweetest thing but thinks with his tummy and his hunger for chewing an playing. I just can’t keep up with his energy and needs. I feel totally guilty about it. Any simple tricks or routines that I can make sure happen daily to take off this guilt?