Rescue Labradors and Emotional Issues

A Labrador rescue is a fantastic companion for an adopting family. They are loving, caring and faithful pets who will show their gratitudelabrador issues at clublabrador.com in a variety of endearing ways. Unfortunately, many of these Labradors come from abusive homes or traumatic situations and can show the signs of emotional distress. Some of these signs can be behavioral issues that may cause you to think twice about adoption.

One of the main reasons that many people looking to adopt a Labrador rescue don’t follow through is because of the assumption that they will have to work hard to correct behavioral issues that stem from years of abuse or neglect. This simply isn’t the case. Labradors are very obedient and extremely smart dogs who pick up on the internal feelings of their owners. If you are genuinely committed to giving your Labrador rescue a better life, they will sometimes sense it and behave accordingly.

Helping your Labrador rescue with emotional trauma and mental distress is as simple as displaying warmth and compassion toward your dog. Speak softly and reassuringly to your Labrador. Praise your pet often when they are on the right track. Be sure to reward them with treats and extra play time when they do something especially good.

Disciplining a Labrador rescue with emotional issues can be tricky but it’s not impossible. Be calm but firm when you’re giving a verbal command. Never raise your hand or swing your feet if you’ve adopted an abused Labrador. Don’t be surprised if they have an accident when you raise your voice to them. Urination in this manner is a sign of submission and your Labrador is trying to tell you that it knows you are in charge.

labrador issues at clublabrador.comGetting your Labrador rescue healthy is a big step on the road to emotional recovery, as well. Feed your dog on a regular schedule and only give them the healthy food they deserve. Be sure that they are up to date on all of their vaccinations and are living parasite-free, internally and on their skin and ears. Follow up with your veterinarian on heartworm medications and parasite preventative.

With some patience, some training and a good caring family, your Labrador rescue will be on the road to mental recovery in no time at all. Showing your pet positive attention and unconditional love will mend it’s broken heart and heal it’s troubled mind.

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