Training Labrador Retrievers

Training Labrador Retrievers is essential regardless of how smart your dog might be. An untrained dog might run across the road and cause accidents when their owner walks it. Well-trained dogs make looking after them easier. They are more presentable and have better interactions with people and other animals. Training also includes house manners and toilet training.

As Labradors are a highly intelligent dog and training them is not difficult. They are born to be a good retriever. They love to swim and fetch. They are fast learners and can be very obedient.  Their natural temperament makes them easy for them to receive training. Because we cannot speak a dog’s language, we must consistently train dogs for them to understand us.

Consistency in training is when we use the same one-word command and hand signal for the same instruction. For example use words like “Sit” ,“Stay”, “Fetch”, ”Give”, and ”Come”.  Be encouraging and reward them when they follow you commands by praising them like a champion. Repetition will be needed to instil an idea in their minds. Remember that you will get bored from repetition training and they will as well.  Get something for them to chew or fetch and they will enjoy the game while you are actually indirectly training them to retrieve as well.

When your Labrador does not follow your commands or if they do something you dislike, always say “No” in a firm tone to keep them in control. You don’t have to shout to make them understand the word. This is because their hearing is more acute than ours and loud noise always causes discomfort for them. Labradors can sense your emotion when you change the tone.

Training a Labrador puppy is easier than training an adult Labrador. If you find it hard to make them follow your directions, you might have to bring them to attend obedience training courses. Professional instructors will be able to help your Labrador take commands from you.

Another training session with your Labrador which can be easily done without a professional trainer is swimming. Always start with shallow water. Place him gently into the water with your hand supporting his tummy and another hand at the base of your Labrador’s tail. When he makes contact with the water, he will start to paddle. Praise him and take your hand off his tummy gently when he has some strength to his paddle.

Until he’s in good control, you can start calling him at different directions, so he can swim towards you. Guide him back when he swims away from you. Repeat these steps slowly in deeper water. Never fail to praise him. Training Labrador Retrievers can be an enjoyable experience for you and your dog.

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