A Brief History of Labrador Dogs

Like many other breeds of dogs, Labrador dogs have a history. They weren’t

A Brief History of Labrador Dogs

always in existence until certain breeds were crossbred to create them. With the Labrador retriever, their origins lie in Newfoundland, Canada. The primary breed that later became the Labrador is known as the St. John’s dog. These dogs trace back to England, where they came to North America in the late 1800s. The breed itself, though, is first referenced in the early 1800s.

In their early history, Labrador retrievers worked with the fishermen to retrieve both fishing lines and lost fish. They were also used in hunting to help retrieve the prey shot by the hunters. This established the breed as a working class breed. In addition to their skills in helping fishermen and hunters retrieve things, the breed also became known as a good family dog to have around children, thus establishing the breed to be the popular family dog it is today.

The colors of the Labrador dogs also has its place in history. In the early years, all Labradors were black, with many of them carrying white markings on their chests and other areas. Occasionally, a Labrador mother would give birth to puppies in other colors, but black was the predominant color. By the late 1800s, yellow labs were more common in their various shades. It wasn’t until the 1930s when chocolate labs became more common. Today, show-quality labs must be one uniform color. The only allowable exception is a small white spot on the chest, caused by the old white markings on the original breed.

Today, Labrador retrievers are among the most popular family dog. They are still sometimes used in working situations, but are most often found within homes, especially with young children. These dogs are often gentle and love to play, especially when it involves retrieving things, such as playing fetch. Some working situations where Labradors are still common include service dogs, hunting, tracking and therapy.

While Labrador dogs don’t have a long history, they have come a long way from their origins. The colors of the Labrador retrievers have changed over the years as the breed became established, adding two additional colors to the original black. The breed has also made the shift from primarily working with hunters and fishermen to retrieve items to being one of the most common types of family dog. Their temperament and abilities make them the perfect dog, even if you have young children.

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