Facts about the Labrador Retriever

America’s number one dog the Labrador retriever is a popular dog because of many reasons. The dog’s likable face makes it very endearing to the many that have made it part of their family. The Labrador is a very people oriented dog. For very good reasons millions of Americans own this dog that is very loyal and loving to their families. But the Labrador retriever is not only popular in America. Europeans love the dog too because of the above reasons and because of its good company.

Labradors are available in three main colors namely the golden yellow Labrador, the black Labrador and the chocolate Labrador. While you might find a variety of shades in these three colors for Labradors, all Labradors are basically classified into one of the three major colors.  Labradors are very good swimmers. Because of their webbed toes and the wide tail, they can swim very well. Their webbed feet enable them to paddle more like a person wearing flippers.

Labradors are also very good at hunting because of two reasons. First, the dogs are easy to train and are willing to do whatever it takes to look after and make its owner happy. Another reason why the Labrador is a great hunter is that it has an amazing sense of smell. They also love the water and are wonderful retrievers, which is how the breed received their name.

Generally, Labradors have a life span of about twelve to fourteen years although there is a bit of a difference with specific Labrador breeds or classifications. The life expectancy of larger Labradors is however less than that of the smaller Labrador dogs. Labradors have health complications such as inherited cancer, heart diseases, bloat, epilepsy and many other problems. They either inherit health complications from their parents, or are affected by their environment.

Labradors have a healthy appetite and this might result in weight management complications, especially if they lack sufficient exercise. Their weight has to be watched and they must eat a proper diet as well as get enough exercise if they are to remain in good physical condition. The advantage with these dogs is that they are very athletic and quite playful. If you aren’t active, your Labrador may tire you out. You will definitely enjoy having a Labrador not just as a pet but also as a companion and play mate, especially if you enjoy outdoor activities.

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