Good toy ideas for Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retrievers are active by nature, always ready to engage in any sort of activity. Just like most dogs, Labradors love to play! They will eagerly participate in any chance at interaction, and playtime is often their favorite part of the day. Choosing appropriate toys is an important part of your Labrador Retriever’s playtime, as this will help them to be more involved. This will also help to better entertain your dog, and prevent some types of destructive behavior that can result from boredom.


Even though there are many toys designed for dogs on the market, it is important to still shop for dog toys with common sense. Try to avoid any toys with small parts, that are breakable, or that could be ingested by your dog. Also try to keep up on dog toys that are frequently put on the “recall list”, as some stores are not prompt about taking them off of their shelves. Do not, under any circumstances, purchase a dog toy that is made of, or contains toxic materials. Some dog toy companies have different safety standards, and it is essential that you only purchase toys that are completely safe for your dog. Use caution when purchasing edible toys, as some of them may contain pieces of bone or other materials. The best thing to do is research reputable dog toy companies before you purchase, so that you can ensure that you are getting a safe, high-quality product.


Distraction toys are toys that will keep your Labrador Retriever privately entertained for any number of hours. These toys can be used in situations where you have to leave your dog alone, or outdoors for a period of time. Distraction toys are also very useful in preventing destructive behavior, as they are a constant source of entertainment for your dog.

There are some dog toys on the market today that are made of edible materials. These usually include large animal bones, that have been cleaned and flavored specifically to be enticing to your dog. Others are rubber toys that are connected to edible biscuits, and create a different kind of playtime experience for your dog. Some edible toys are designed to last a long time, while others may be consumed within a few minutes. The easily consumed toys are better used as treats instead of toys, since your dog will be eating them immediately.

A variation on edible toys can be to create your own! This is best done with a rubber dog toy that has a hole going through the center. It’s advised to use high-density rubber toys for this, to avoid your dog accidentally eating the rubber instead. With an edible food product, preferably in paste form (such as peanut butter) fill the inside hole of the toy with the paste. Your dog will spend many hours trying to successfully extract the food substance, though this toy is best to be enjoyed outdoors! Most edible toys can be quite messy, so should preferably be used for outdoor playtime.


Active toys are the interactive toys used by you and your Labrador Retriever during playtime. These types of toys are durable, fun, and very resistant to chewing. These are toys that can be left outside without damage, and will last for quite some time. Active toys can include: tennis balls, tug-of-war rope toys, squeaky dog toys, or toys made of hard rubber. These toys are very useful for keeping your dog in shape, and give a good opportunity to personally interact with your dog.


This type of toy is usually for indoor play only. Comfort toys are usually soft, cloth, or stuffed. These toys can be used by your Labrador Retriever for “mock-kill” games, in which your dog will carry the toy around the house, shaking it vigorously. Unless you purchase a toy specifically designed for it, it is not advised to play tug-of-war with comfort toys, as they are usually not as durable as active toys. Comfort toys can also be used to help your dog feel more at home in its crate or sleeping area.

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