Labrador Retriever Dogs

As the name defines them, Labrador retriever dogs are trained to retrieve.  The Labrador retriever is a type of gundog that is quick to learn commands. Naturally, this type of dog is keen to please, eagerly seeking  your approval and attention. That is why Labrador or in short Lab, will follow you everywhere you go. They are also always willing to do different kind of tricks to entertain you. Their favourite is to play the retrieving game. They can play for hours without getting bored until you give in from exhaustion.

Labs are highly intelligent dogs. That is why they are the most popular dog in Canada (their origin), United States, and Australia.  They are quick to learn new tricks and can follow instructions easily. Labs are lovely and get along well with everyone, even strangers and cats. Probably the only thing you cannot rely on Lab is to ask it to be a good watch dog. They are not aggressive and make very little noise. However, they can be a very good companion and are good in assisting. Their stable temperament makes them an ideal breed for rescue and therapy work. Labs are also suitable for families with children as they are good with kids.

Labs are active and need plenty of exercise. Other than that they enjoy playing in the water. Their nature makes them an ideal companion for hunters and fishermen. Labs do not mind if they are wet and they love to carry anything in their mouths. Do not be shocked if he brings back a dead fish out of the water. Always be careful not to let them swallow anything they are not supposed to eat. If they are lack of exercise or are bored, they might start chewing everything they can find.

Labrador retrievers have double coats, which are short, thick and water-resistant. They have strong necks and solid bodies. Their muzzles are wide and they have thick noses. They have a broad head with hanging ears. And their webbed feet make them good swimmers. Usually, they are black, chocolate or yellow, with a life span of around 10 to 13 years.

Labrador retriever dogs only require occasional grooming, as their coats are short. Overall, they are easy to take care of. Ear infections are however, a potential risk for dogs with hanging ears. If Labs are fed well without adequate exercise, they might suffer obesity problems. They are also susceptible to hip dysplasia and other joint problems. As they get older, they are prone to a progressive retinal atrophy, which causes blindness.

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