Labradors and Children: A Great Team!

labrador, labradors, active labradors, labrador trainingIf you are looking to add in a dog to your home and family, you should make sure that your future pet will able to interact well with children. It should be patient and gentle by nature. Labradors and families have been proven a great match through the test of time. They are the most sought-after family dogs because of their good reputation with small children and other animals.

Labradors are known to have great patience and tend to take on a motherly instinct with babies and toddlers. They have a very low-aggression personality and they enjoy the company of people. Labradors are not quick to get agitated or upset. They get along famously with both adults and children, handling the unpredictable nature of kids very well.

Labradors and families are also a great match because Labradors will become protective of those they love. You will notice that once your new pet starts to feel like a part of the family, they will offer constant companionship to those they develop a bond with. They will often be able to sense when there is tension or danger in the room and will hover near the most vulnerable person in the family to offer protection.

As far as housing goes, Labradors are great for inside dogs. They are considered very low-maintenance because they don’t have terrible shedding issues, they don’t require much grooming and they

labradors and children, labrador training, labradors

have a love for water that makes bath time more of a treat than a chore! Labradors and families have always been a good match because they generally do not require too many hours of training or a constant attempt to control hyper-activity. While they are active dogs, Labradors are happy simply receiving affection from their families.

Labradors are large enough to not be under-foot but small enough that they aren’t overwhelming for children. Their size is perfect for withstanding rough-housing with toddlers or running along side school-aged kids while playing.  They make great companions for hiking, bike-riding or just playing in the park!

Once you invite a Labrador into your home, you will soon realize that you’ve got a new member to your family. They will treat you and your children as if you are a part of their pack. A Labrador friendship is a life-long relationship that’s great for kids to develop at an early age!

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