Pure Bred Grey Labrador Retrievers

purebred grey labrador

purebred grey labrador

Labrador Retrievers are the most popular breed of dog in Canada, America and the United Kingdom. Their friendly personality, high intelligence, and great looks make the Labrador Retriever an ideal pet. It is also their high intelligence which makes Labradors a good choice for assistance dogs, which are most often used for people with visual difficulties.

Grey Labrador Retrievers are rapidly increasing in popularity with the average dog owner. Their dark color, with a silver coat is definitely pleasing to the eye; to the experts however, there has been some contention.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) had to step into a growing controversy between breeders. Some thought that silver, or pure bred Grey Labrador Retrievers were genetic anomalies; others thought that they should be given their own classification as an official Labrador breed.

Since pure bred grey Labrador Retrievers can be bred together to create an all grey litter, it was undeniable that the pure lineage of Grey Labrador retrievers was intact. The AKC acknowledged this, but decided that all Grey Labrador Receivers must be classified as ‘Chocolate’ when registered.

Despite the official ruling, there is no doubt that pure bred Grey Labrador Retrievers have a definite silver coloration, and gives your dog a very unique look. The distinctive Labrador look combined with the soft grey coat is a great combination.

The pure bred Grey Labrador Retriever has the same friendly personality that made the dog such a successful breed with dog owners across the globe. As with many large dogs, the Grey Labrador Receiver is a very loving dog which will look after you just as well as you look after it.

When you look at pure bred Grey Las,you will normally find two distinct skin colorations, which affect the overall look of the dog. Some have a deep chocolate color; this gives the dog its deep dark brown hue under the fine silver hair. Others often have a very dark black toned skin, which can often appear to have a bluish tint. This variation is much rarer, but often preferred by Grey Labrador fans.

grey-labradorAs with all Labradors, the pure Grey Lab is a highly active dog, it loves to play games, and will chase, swim, play catch, and more for hours. For the dog owner who wants more though, the intelligence of the retriever means that you can train your dog for a wide variety of purposes. Labradors are the dog of choice for assistance dogs, police search dogs and other working dogs. The pure bred Grey Labrador is no exception to the breed, and can be taught to complete a variety of tasks. This is great for any owner wanting to enter their dog in to competitions, or have them help in various jobs.

Labradors are well known for their gentle nature and well balanced temperament. They are not territorial, and rarely suffer from aggressive or destructive tendencies, making them an ideal family pet.

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