The Temperament of the Labrador Retriever

One of the biggest draws to owning a Labrador retriever is their temperament. The breed is well known as a family-friendly dog because of the traits the breed carries. While you can never be completely sure of the personality or

The Temperament of the Labrador Retriever

temperament of an individual dog, knowing the overall temperament of a breed can help you make the right decision for your family.

Labrador dogs are very friendly, particularly with their owners. Though some breeds are a little more affectionate, the Labradors are likely to make friends with just about anyone. This makes them a good breed choice if you are around strangers often or you have a household full of people. They can be put in many different situations without reacting poorly to the situation. Their even temperament helps them to adjust well.

Because a Labrador retriever does have an even temperament and is unaffected by what goes on around them, they are a good family dog. Labradors are the kind of dog that will let your young child climb all over them or pull on their ears or tail. While it is never a good idea to leave a child alone with a dog or to allow a child to abuse a dog, it is always nice to have a dog that doesn’t snarl, nip or bite when a child does do something that would typically bother a dog.

Activity is another part of the temperament of Labrador dogs. They love to run around outdoors and play with toys. Therefore, if you are looking for a dog that will be playful and have fun playing outdoors with you, a Labrador may be the right dog for you and your family. However, this means it is best to have a yard in which the dog can run and play. If you want to give your dog free reign of the yard, it is best to fence your yard in rather than put your dog on a leash outside. Labradors don’t mind either way, but they burn more energy running freely.

When you choose the type of dog you want, one thing you need to consider is the dog’s temperament. A Labrador retriever is a friendly, active dog that does well with people of all ages. These dogs need space to run and attention from their owners, but can do well in many situations. Therefore, if you find yourself with people in and out of your home or going out places with your dog, the Labrador will feel comfortable in all of these situations.

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