Tips on Taking Care of Labrador Dogs

The Labrador retriever is a cross bread of Newfoundlands and small water dogs. Labradors are wonderful dogs with lovely qualities.  They are the most companionable dogs and are very endearing, dependable, and independent. While they are not quiet and self-conscious, they are not aggressive but are very active and playful. Labradors have brilliant minds, excellent attributes, and pleasant dispositions.

It is quite easy to take care of a Labrador dog when you make this a standard practice rather than a one-time occurrence. If you want to keep your Labrador in high spirits and in good condition, there are a few elementary tips that you can observe to tend to the dog. Labradors actually are able to care for their coat although they need to be brushed at least once a week. This get’s rid of any filth and falling hair when its time to shed.

Bathe your Labrador once every three months during spring, the summer, and the fall. Their nails must be cut short after three months; this can be done by a vet, a groomer or even by you if you have mastered the skill. It is important to examine the dog’s ears every two weeks to determine if they are in good condition because Labradors are susceptible to ear infections due to insufficient circulation in the ears. Keep his teeth clean and offer your dog dentabones to prevent tooth decay. They are need regular vet checkups, at least once a year. Yearly checkups will make sure your dog is healthy and up to date on her vaccinations.

Make sure your Labrador gets plenty of exercise to keep him from becoming overweight, which may lead to other health issue. They also must have healthy diet and an established food plan. Do not give the Labrador food human food because this can affect his health. You should talk to your vet regarding the best type of food for your Labrador, and how much to feed them every day.

The dog’s drinking water must be clean to prevent germs that might cause the dog illness and must be changed often. Water is essential so for your dog to remain hydrated. Labradors are quite playful and are capable of causing damage to objects as well as themselves. To keep him out of potential harm, ensure that anything that is potentially dangerous is kept where the dog cannot reach it.

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