Dog Allergies and Their Impact on Your Labrador Retriever Health

Labrador Retriever Health

Learn about allergies to protect your Labrador retriever health.

If you suffer from allergies yourself, especially seasonal allergies, you understand how miserable they can make you feel. Now imagine if your dog is suffering from allergies and you don’t even know about it. As his owner, it is up to you to examine his Labrador retriever health to make sure he is as healthy as possible. Therefore, it is important to know about dog allergies and how they affect your dog so you can get him help when he needs it.

Environmental Allergies

Just like humans, your Labrador retriever can suffer from environmental allergies. The pollen and other small particles that enter the air during certain times of the year, particularly spring and fall, can really bring out the allergies in your dog. Some of the common symptoms your dog may exhibit if he is affected by these allergies include licking or biting his paws, excessive itching, especially in the belly, hind legs and tail. He may also sneeze or cough and experience watery eyes.

Food Allergies

Some dogs are actually allergic to the Labrador retriever food you are feeding him. If this is the case, he may suffer from some of the same symptoms as a dog with environmental allergies, but the symptoms will be with him throughout the year instead of only at certain times of the year. If your Labrador retriever health is compromised by food allergies, he may also experience vomiting and diarrhea.

Other Allergies

Your dog can even be allergic to the dust in your home or certain other objects. For instance, some dogs are allergic to grass, plastic food bowls and bedding types. If your dog is suffering from the symptoms of allergies and it isn’t environmental allergy season and you have already checked his food, you may need to check these other areas. Sometimes keeping the dust out of your home or changing his food bowls or bedding is all that is needed. No matter what he is allergic to, a cool bath with aloe vera shampoo can help him feel better.

Any signs of allergies warrant a trip to the vet as soon as possible. Your Labrador retriever health depends on it. When you take your Labrador retriever to the vet, make sure you have a list of his symptoms and what he is exposed to so you can help the vet narrow the issue down. With the help of medication and other techniques, you can provide your dog with the relief he desires.

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