Is Your Dog Allergic to His Labrador Retriever Food?

Labrador Retriever Food

The right Labrador retriever food is essential to avoid allergies.

Many dog owners think they can feed their dog any food on the shelves in the local grocery store or pet store. However, many of these foods aren’t the best quality and aren’t healthy for your Labrador. While some dogs are able to handle any type of food you throw at them, there are some dogs that are allergic to the Labrador retriever food you may be feeding him. Learning the signs of a potential food allergy will ensure your Labrador retriever health.

Excessive Itching

One of the most common signs of an allergy of any kind is excessive itching. When the cause is your Labrador retriever food, the itching may occur on his rear end, his ears or around his face. In some cases, it can cause a rash in other areas of the body as well. Because the excessive itching can be caused by environmental allergies and other medical problems, it is best to see the vet to make sure it isn’t another problem before you switch dog food.

Chronic Ear Problems

Chronic ear problems, particularly inflammation, can sometimes be an indicator your dog is actually allergic to the food he is eating. While come dogs are simply more susceptible to ear infections than others, it is always important to explore all avenues to make sure you give your dog the best Labrador retriever health possible. If your dog is suffering from ear infections on a regular basis, make sure you ask his vet about changing foods.

Gastrointestinal Problems

Other signs of an allergy to Labrador retriever food appear throughout the gastrointestinal system. Your Labrador may suddenly go through bouts of diarrhea or vomiting. He may also experience excessive gas. Anytime these issues appear out of nowhere, it is best to have your Labrador retriever evaluated by the vet to determine if there is another underlying issue.

If your vet determines your dog’s problems may be related to the Labrador retriever food he is eating, you will need to talk to your vet about which type of food to try. There are certain foods that are designed for dogs with food allergies, helping you return his Labrador retriever health to normal. While it may take a few tries to find the right food, you and your dog will be glad you took the time to experiment so he can feel better after he eats, instead of feeling miserable.

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