Labrador Bathing 101

labrador health, labradors and health, training labradorsLabradors are beautiful dogs with thick coats that, unfortunately, shed. Depending on what kind of Lab you have, you will find that some with healthy coats can shed all year round while others, like black labs, shed twice a year. A dog sheds when they lose their old coat and grow a new one. If you want your dog’s coat to look healthy and to shine, not only is a good diet important, but it is also vital for you to groom her regularly.

Labrador grooming can include both bathing and regular brushing. It isn’t necessary to bathe your Lab weekly, or even monthly, but it is important to regularly check your dog’s coat to see if it is once again time to give Fido a bath.

As you begin the bathing process, you may find your Lab is somewhat skittish at first. Use a soothing voice and regular praiselabrador health, labradors and health, training labradors throughout the bath to keep the dog calm. If necessary, find someone to help you with the process. Having an extra set of hands during the bath can make it far easier on both you and the dog. Use dog shampoo to thoroughly lather the entire coat. Be sure completely rinse your pet off and do not allow him or her to get out or shake. Use an old towel to briskly towel dry your dog at the end of the bath.

Brushing your Lab regularly helps to keep her coat healthy and makes frequent baths unnecessary. Remember that Labs love attention and good brushing several times a week is a great way to not only interact with your dog, but to keep their coat healthy. Be sure to use a pet grooming brush designed to remove shed hair.

Labrador grooming can be a pleasant experience both for you and your Lab if you are patient, calm and consistent in the way you treat her.

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  1. marisa says:

    hi i have 2 dogs ones a black lab and german shepherd mix and the other is a yellow lab im think about getin a labrador retriver. they all should get along. my black lab is a male (fixed) and my yellow lab isnt fixed. the new male im bout to buy should try to attack my dog bc he a male to?