Active Labrador Retrievers and Family Playtime

As you’ve probably discovered by now, Labradors are a very playful breed of dog. They have endless energy in their earlier years, allowing hours of playtime for you and your Labrador. If you find that you are beginning to run out of idea on how to entertain your pet, you can use the activities below as your guide to continued fun.

Labradors are known for their love of water. If you live near a pond, lake or stream, you can take your dog with you when you go for a swim. Be sure to stay out of any deep areas so that your pet can rest when it needs to. Swimming is a much more difficult task for dogs than it is for humans so watch for signs of exhaustion.

Active Labradors love the outdoor lifestyle. If you enjoy camping, cycling or hiking, your dog would greatly enjoy being right beside you as you go about your day. Not only will it keep you in shape, but it will help keep your Labrador from packing on pounds as well!

There are several toys you can use to play with your active Labrador outside. They are not all expensive or complicated, either. In fact, the best toys for your pet are usually the ones you may already have in your garage! Tennis balls are excellent tools for a good game of fetch. Frisbees are fantastic for teaching your Labrador to jump and land properly and the process of retrieving while burning all that excess energy they have. You’d be surprised at how much fun you can have with just an old stick from your backyard, too! Labradors love chasing, catching and retrieving things with their owners.

While playing with your active Labrador, there are some precautions that you must adhere to. For instance, always bring water with you. Playtime can be an exhausting experience for both you and your pet. Pack up enough water that the both of you can stay hydrated. Also, make sure to watch out for traffic -automobile and human. If you’re hiking or cycling, make sure your Labrador isn’t bounding into the way of any other people on the trails. If you’re in a more urban setting, stay away from the streets and parking lots to avoid a potentially devastating accident.

By following a few simple rules and taking the time to get creative, you and your Labrador can have a great time burning off some energy while having fun playing!

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