Family Time? Include Your Labrador Retriever!

labrador fun at clublabrador.comQuality time spent with your family is hard to come by these days. With conflicting schedules and after-school activities, it can be difficult to work in a few hours of healthy interaction with your loved ones. When you do find the time, make sure to include your loving Labrador in your plans. It’s not difficult to find pet-friendly activities that can be lots of fun for the entire family!

Labradors and families have a long history of being very compatible. Because of the Labrador’s need-to-please nature, almost every action made by your pet is a way to show you and your family their love and gratitude. This makes it very easy to include your Labrador in family fun without having to provide any extra training or too much effort.

A few ways Labrador Retrievers and families can get out and get some exercise while spending quality time together involve short car trips or small walks together. Getting out to a park or recreational facility that allows pets usually only takes a few short minutes in a vehicle or on foot.  If you’ve leash trained your Labrador, this can be very helpful as they won’t try to pull or lead you faster than you and your family intend to go.  If not, this can be a great opportunity to incorporate family time with a little training!

Active games are the best route to follow when spending quality time with your loved ones. Labradors and families can play games like Frisbee, fetch, keep-away and tag. Going for hikes or bike-riding are also great ways to integrate family fun with Labrador-friendly

labradors and families at clublabrador.comactivities. Since Labradors are also well-known for their love of water, any swimming or walks near streams or creeks are great things to do. Just be sure that it doesn’t get too deep and there aren’t any dangerous currents involved.

If you’re looking for an evening at home, you can always involve the entire family in bathing or grooming your Labrador. Whether in the back yard or in the bathtub, everyone can take turns hosing them down, scrubbing them up and toweling them off. This is a great way for Labradors and families to form a bond of trust between each other, too!

Since Labradors are such great family pets, it’s easy to incorporate them into the quality time you spend with your loved ones. It doesn’t take extra money or too much extra effort to include your pet in your family fun!

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