Perfect Labrador Exercise Options

There has been a recent explosion of dog parks across the country.  Today, they are considered the ‘trendy’ way to exercise your dog, but they’ve been around for years and offer you and your Labrador the perfect place to play.  The question is: “How do I find the best dog park?”  If you take a bit of time to ask around you likely discover there are several dog parks in your neighborhood as well as several additional ‘pet friendly’ parks.  Just remember, not all dog parks were created equal.

So what should you and your favorite pet look for in a good dog park?  It boils down to the “4 S’s.”

Safety:  Be sure the park is fenced in and secure.  Chain link or other durable fencing should be used and high enough to prevent even the most feisty Labrador from jumping out.

Shade: Shade is particularly important during the hot summer months – especially for longer trips.  Be sure your pooch’s park has plenty of shade.

Sanitation:  The best parks always have clean up stations for those ‘little messes’ our lovely Labs leave us.

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Sipping Water:  Your pet will be running and playing – and working up a thirst.  Be sure your favorite pet park has clean, potable water for pooches.

If you simply keep the 4 S’s of dog parks in mind, you will most likely find the perfect place for you and your Labrador to frolic and play.

As a final piece of advice, be sure that you understand all of the rules and regulations of the park.  While most rely on the same set, some differ, so take the time to check for posted rules and be sure to follow them.  The more people that do the better the experience is for each Labrador Retriever that visits.

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