Labradors: Pimples! Ugh!

While your Labrador isn’t likely worried about looking ‘hot’ on a first date, as a Labrador owner, you should be aware that they suffer from an ailment that often gives humans fits – acne.  Yup, your favorite pup can get zits on their chin and lower jaw area.  Instead of being red and inflamed like the human variety, in canines, pimples are often black in color.  While these problem blemishes are not a serious health risk, keeping Rover’s face clean can help prevent pussy pimple problems.

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Take some time to recognize one of the leading culprits behind lumpy Labrador zits:  plastic dog bowls.  As odd as it sounds, changing from a plastic bowl to a glass or china bowl can actually have a huge impact on the number and severity of breakouts faced by your dog.  Plastic bowls are perfect for collecting oils and bacteria which can lead to increased break-outs, so toss out the plastic and opt for something less like to lead to embarrassing zits! It’s also a good idea to clean food and water bowls each day to remove any build-up.

labrador health, labradors and health, training labradors

In the event your Labrador does develop a bad case of acne, it is important to keep an eye on it.  Failing to regularly clean the affected area may lead to a burst pimple.  This can become inflamed, crusty and bleed.  If your pups pimples get to this state, take the time to clean the area and dab hydrogen peroxide to prevent infection.

The truth is, a zit or two isn’t going to cause Rover anxiety.  They might, however, cause YOU some.  Take the time to gently wash Rover’s face with a warm cloth several times a day to help prevent any pimples from bursting and remember, they don’t bother your little friend anywhere near as much as they bother you!

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