Reasons Why Labrador Grooming Is Important

Grooming Labrador Retrievers

Labrador grooming can give you a great bonding opportunity with your dog.

Labrador retrievers have short fur coats that don’t grow long, requiring frequent haircuts. This tends to make Labrador owners think they don’t need to do any Labrador grooming at all. While the grooming required for this type of dog is often less than other types of dogs, it is still important. There are several reasons why it is still important to groom your Labrador.

Reduce Shedding

The coat of your Labrador retriever dog will shed at various times of the year, particularly in the spring and fall. At these times, as well as smaller shedding sessions throughout the year, you will find that you need to vacuum your house more than once a day to keep up with all the fur. One way you can help to reduce the amount of fur you need to clean up on a regular basis is to brush your dog often to remove the loose fur. The fur you brush out of your dog’s coat is less mess you need to clean up.

Health Concerns

When you brush your dog’s coat and check other areas of your dog, including the eyes, teeth and ears, you will be able to note any changes to your dog. For instance, if your dog develops a lump that wasn’t there before, you will notice it through routine brushing and can take your dog for an evaluation. In some cases, finding one of these issues through your Labrador grooming habits can save your dog’s life. The earlier medical conditions are diagnosed, the better the prognosis will be.


Labrador grooming provides you with a healthy bonding experience between you and your dog. As you groom your dog, it will learn that it can trust you and you will take care of it. Any time that you and your dog spend together will help to strengthen that bond. Your goal as a pet owner is to create a solid, positive relationship between you and your dog so you can enjoy your time together. When your dog trusts you, your Labrador retriever will be more likely to listen to you.

In general, Labrador grooming is intended to care for your pet, just as humans brush or comb their hair to look nice and keep their hair healthy. However, there are additional reasons why it is important to groom your dog, even Labrador retrievers that don’t require a haircut. Through the grooming of your dog, you will be able to cut down on the shedding, identify any health concerns early and form a more solid bond between you and your pet.

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