Should You Crate Train Your Labrador?

labradors and children, labrador training, labradorsOne of the more controversial aspects of Labrador training is whether or not to use crate training. While your dog is perfectly okay with sitting at your feet while you are at home, they may misbehave or get into something dangerous while you’re away or sleeping. Instead of giving them the option, you can always choose to keep them kenneled at your home when you’re out or overnight.

Your Labrador is already referred to as a “den animal”. Because all dogs are ancestors of wolves, they share that same instinct to make a home for themselves and keep to it. If you notice your Labrador choosing the same spot to sit or opting for the same old pillow instead of the new bed, it’s proof positive of the instinct to keep a den.

A crate can serve as a great “den” for your Labrador. Leaving the door open when not in use and keeping it free of waste or clutter is a great way to make it an inviting home. Keeping the crate in a quiet, dimly lit area of your home is also a good idea. If your Labrador will be in their crate for more than a couple of hours, be sure to put water and food in with them in case they get hungry or thirsty.

If you’re going to use a crate for Labrador training, you should never use it for disciplinary purposes. Labrador training can be tricky and you don’t want to confuse your pet. If you’ve just disciplined them for something by sending them to their crate with an angry tone of voice, they will think they’re in trouble when it’s time to go back in to the crate for bed. Keep training and discipline separatelabrador, labradors, active labradors, labrador training to avoid unnecessary anxiety and confusion for your pet.

Some Labradors may not need a crate, though. If your pet has absolutely no issues roaming free wherever you may be, then crate training may not be necessary. If your dog has been through extensive Labrador training already, there’s not need to add this to the list. Crate training is mainly for pets who get bored and misbehave while their humans aren’t around.

Crate training is a good supplemental subject for Labrador training. Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s very easy to teach your pet to consider the crate their own little home.

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