Tips for Administering Medication to Your Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever Health

Sometimes medication is required for improved Labrador retriever health.

You want your Labrador retriever health to be good all the time, but it is inevitable, just like it is for humans, that your dog will get sick at some point in time. When your dog gets sick, you may need to administer medication to your Labrador. This will ensure he gets better soon without a major struggle on your part or your dog’s.

Strong Smelling Food

One of the easiest ways to give your dog medication is to hide it in strong smelling food so he doesn’t notice he is eating a medication. Make sure you avoid using your dog’s regular food in which to hide the medication so he doesn’t stop eating the food, especially if he has an adverse reaction to the medication. Choosing a special treat can often be the best way to give him medication to improve Labrador retriever health.

Make It a Game

Another great way to get your Labrador to take his medication is to turn it into a game. For instance, if your dog loves to play ball, put the medication into a soft cheese slice and roll it into a ball. Toss this cheese ball and send your dog after it. He will have so much fun eating up the ball of cheese, he will not even notice you hid a pill inside the cheese.

Wait for a Distraction

When your dog is already distracted due to another reason, it can be a great time to give him his medication. For instance, when your dog first wakes up in the morning or wakes up from a short nap, he is often groggy enough to take the medication without too much of a fight. The important thing is to avoid making the medication something you fight with your dog over. The bigger the fight, the less likely it is your Labrador retriever will end up with the medication dosage he requires.

Giving your dog medication can be essential to his Labrador retriever health. However, it isn’t always easy to give your dog the medication he needs. Learning the right tips for making this process easier for you and your dog will ensure you are able to improve your dog’s health and help him overcome any medical problems he may experience, whether they are long-term problems or only temporary.

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