Bringing a Labrador Puppy Home

Before you bring a Labrador puppy home, you need to ask yourself if this is the right kind of dog for you. Once you bring the dog home however, you will need to make yourself as familiar with the dog as you can. This is so that you make your and the dog’s time a happy and enjoyable experience. If you are looking for a dog that will be a family pet and is friendly, lovable, and playful, the Labrador is the right dog for you.

Once you decide to own a Labrador and you want to bring a Labrador puppy home, the first thing you need to do is give the dog a name. Finding a dog name which both you and your puppy will enjoy depends on a few factors. You will need to find a cute unique dog name for your Labrador. After getting to meet the new puppy and getting a glimpse of its personality, you might be in a better position to give the dog an appropriate name. The dog’s gender as well as its color might be a determining factor in the name that you give to it. To ensure that the dog get’s used to the name you give it, always address it by that name alone.

Before the new Labrador puppy comes home, you must prepare well in advance for it’s arrival. Get the dog an adjustable color that does not choke it. The dog will also need a leash that lets you adjust the distance the dog can move about aimlessly while you walk with him. Get him stainless steel or ceramic bowls one for water and the other for food. Also, make the dog a bed where it can rest or sleep. You will need a bed the size of a fully grown person, a pillow and blankets to add comfort.

It is important to get a crate and start crate training the puppy early.  Treats must also be available so that the Labrador retriever puppy stays in high spirits. Labradors love to chew and will eat anything. To keep the Labrador puppy from chewing your furniture, get him enough toys to chew and ensure that the toys are durable. If the puppy starts to chew on something that isn’t his, tell him no firmly and offer him one of his toys.

When you first bring the Labrador puppy home, ensure that you spend lots of time with the dog during its first day in its new home. Labradors like any other dogs will have anxiety when separated from her littermates and need time to adapt to the new surroundings. Get the whole family involved and have a pleasant time together, but don’t include visitors because it is private time with your new family member.


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