Crate Training Puppies: When to Use the Crate

Puppies, including Labrador puppies, can be rambunctious and wild, especially

Crate Training Puppies: When to Use the Crate

if left unattended for a period of time. Crate training puppies can help alleviate this problem. However, you must understand which types of situations are appropriate for crate use and which ones aren’t. Your dog should see the crate as a safe place to be and not a place of punishment and restraint. Establishing this balance takes time and attention on your part.

When you are unable to supervise your Labrador puppy, it is best to put the dog in the crate to ensure his safety and keep him out of trouble. As your dog becomes used to going to the crate when you leave, he will begin to go automatically. Teaching him to respond to a specific word, such as “cage” or “crate,” allows you to get him there with a simple command. Be consistent with it. Each time you leave the house, make sure the dog goes to the crate.

Night time is another good time to for crate training puppies. While some people like for their dogs to sleep on the end of the bed, others prefer that their dog have a place of its own. Let your dog outside once before bedtime and then put it in the crate when you go to bed. This will provide the dog a safe place to sleep, while giving you the peace of mind that your dog isn’t destroying your house when you sleep.

Don’t use the crate as a place to punish your dog. When your dog misbehaves, it is important that you punish it appropriately. Putting your dog in the crate when it misbehaves will cause the dog to equate being in the crate with being in trouble. Your dog will learn to hate being in the crate instead of considering it a safe place. This will defeat the purpose of crate training.

Crate training puppies is your way of keeping them save and providing them with a place to call their own. When you are unable to supervise your puppy, such as while you work or sleep, is an appropriate time to use the crate for holding your puppy. Punishing the puppy for bad behavior by giving him a time out in the crate will only cause stress and dislike for the crate. Once the puppy thinks the crate means trouble, getting it to go in will be much more difficult.


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