Great Reasons to Own a Labrador

Labradors are undoubtedly one of the most popular breed of dog that registered by owners across the world. It is also the most popular assistant dog in Australia, the United States, and other countries. This dog, being intelligent, is also widely used by police and other officials. Labs are exceptionally gentle, affable, intelligent, good natured and energetic. The Labrador is also considered a good companion for human beings of all ages, and they have high level of tolerance and patience for children.

Few great reasons for which you should own a Labrador are:

· Labradors have all the positive personality traits that owners look for. Whether the dog is employed as family pet, eye dog, or hunting dog, it does all duties faithfully. Having a Labrador in the family makes things easier and happy.

· Labradors are extremely obedient. Once you have created trust, and once the dog is sure that you won’t abuse it, it will show greater obedience towards you throughout its life. Their obedience makes it easy to train them for all purposes.

· Since Labradors are employed as working dogs or assistance dogs, the animal has high level of intelligence. The dog retains most of the important lessons given to it and also learns new orders well. It can often perform daily tasks without being ordered.

· They make an ideal family pet, because the dogs love to play and run. If it is trained properly it can be good companion for your children at home. The Lab’s intelligence, fondness for children and tolerance level make them perfect playmate for growing children and toddlers. Labradors are known to take care of toddlers very well.

Thus these are few great reasons to own a Labrador for your home and family.

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