Have Fun in the Water with Labrador Puppy Training

Labrador Retriever Training

With Labrador puppy training, your dog can become a solid swimmer.

Most people know dogs are natural swimmers, but this doesn’t mean you don’t have to work with your dog in the water. If you intend to spend time with your Labrador retriever in the water, you will need to make sure he knows how to swim well to avoid any accidents in and around the water. With the right Labrador puppy training, you will be able to have plenty of fun with your Labrador in the water.

Introduction to Water

The first step in your Labrador puppy training in the water is to introduce him to the water. This is best done as early as possible. Make sure you are dressed appropriately and the weather is warm enough because you will get wet. Take someone with you to stand on the shore during your Labrador retriever training. Carry your puppy out until you are about up to your thighs in the water. Hold your puppy with one hand under his belly and the other at the base of his tail and gently lower him into the water. Talk to him gently and calmly the entire time.

Perfecting His Stroke

Once his paws hit the water, your Labrador retriever puppy should begin paddling with his front and back paws. Praise him loudly when he does this to let him know he’s doing the right thing. Keep a hold on him until you are sure he has a strong paddle. Release his belly first and keep your hold on the base of his tail so he can get a feel for keeping his body level as he swims.

Release Him

Once you are sure your dog is ready to go, let the person on the shore know you will be releasing him. Your partner should call your dog to him to complete the Labrador puppy training in the water. Give your puppy praise as he swims toward the show. It can also help to give treats to the person on the shore to reward your puppy for his hard work. Repeat the process until your Labrador retriever is a good swimmer.

Even though dogs are naturally good swimmers, especially Labrador retrievers, you can help him out with Labrador puppy training in the water. With a little hard work and some treats, you will be able to teach your Labrador to be a strong swimmer so you can have plenty of fun in the water together.

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