How to tell if a Labrador puppy has a good personality

Getting a Labrador puppy home is the best therapy you can give yourself. Being the most popular breed in the US, it is no doubt that these tumbling bundles of joy are the most preferred pets.

Intelligent, full of energy and high-spirited, a Labrador puppy is always a welcome addition to any family. Cute as they come, Labradors have an insatiable appetite for playing all sorts of games, relentless sprinting and chewing anything that looks worthy of digging their teeth in. Well, that’s the standard trait! Now, how do you tell if a puppy has the holy grail of all doggiedom, Personality? As the famous line in a film goes, “A dog’s got personality; personality goes a long way.”

Here are a few pointers to know if a Labrador puppy has what it takes

1. Behaviour – Eager to please and affectionate as they are, Labrador puppies also need discipline. They need to be guided past wrong behaviour, such as attacking visitors, chewing on furniture or barking. A well trained puppy will display restraint and act accordingly. Also, potty training and reliving itself outdoors are signs of impeccable training and positive reinforcement techniques.

2. Grooming – Great looking fur makes a puppy stand out, and is an indicator of overall health. Shedding is a natural process, and constant grooming can avoid the problems that come with it. A badly groomed pup smells bad, is prone to bacterial infections and suffers skin problems.

3. Friendliness – Who would not love to be welcomed by an angel of a face with a wagging tail? As the reputation goes, a majority of Labrador puppies are extremely friendly and have a voracious appetite for play. No one in the house will be spared from having their face licked, hands chewed, being jumped upon and the like. A pup with personality is intelligent and more than eager to get a pat on the head, or a run in the field!

So there you have it. Labradors will add years to your life, learn quickly and teach a few lessons about affection that the world is slowly forgetting. With websites such as www.clublabrador.com providing loads of Labrador information right from selecting the right Labrador puppy to nutrition and health issues, it is easy to get one home.

Spotting a puppy with personality should be no problem. He will be the one with the whole house running behind him, as he chases a butterfly in the fields.

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  1. […] Training a puppy to do tricks can be learned by reading books, from the Internet, or in a class specifically designed to help you. Labs can generally learn to sit, play fetch, shake “hands” and roll over with a minimum of effort, because they are smart and willing to learn and please. Retrievers have excellent noses and can be trained to find lost items; and retrieve them (hence the name). You can learn to train the dog tricks either with food rewards or affection rewards, both bringing the results you desire within a relatively short period of time. The affection/praise system of training might be desirable in Labrador retrievers simply because of their propensity for becoming overweight. Labs tend to load the pounds on if their diets are not strictly maintained, so food rewards should be closely monitored. Labradors are smart and learn new tricks quickly […]