Meet the Breed – Labrador

Labs are the best dogs…of course I’m bias, owning two. I’ve got to admit that when I got our first I had no idea what we were in for.

I think a lot of people are in this boat, and that’s why there are so many Lab Rescues. It’s a shame really because with so many books and the internet, it is almost inconceivable that one can by a dog and know nothing about it.

All the books and availability of information on the internet didn’t help me.I got sucked in by how cute the puppy was, and had no idea what I was in for. I didn’t pick up a book or read an article, phone a friend or anything.

I did my research after I took my Lab home. Smart huh? Not really….I got lucky, Sam (my female lab) was exactly what I was looking for. Had I been wrong, it would have been terrible for her, and for me.

Labs are exceptional dogs, but are not for everybody (although I can’t fathom why). I talk to a lot of Lab Foster Mom and Dads. They tell many stories about people buying a Lab and not being able to handle the energy, playfulness, and constant companionship.

Imagine that a Lab that’s playful? Shocking right?  What ever Breed you are considering research it! It’s as easy as a Google search. I got lucky. Sam was exactly what I was looking for. She is the best companion, with a great temperament always full of energy.

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