Housebreaking Your Labrador Puppy

Housebreaking your new Labrador puppy is a lot easier than it may seem. Because of their high intelligence and eager-to-please attitude, Labrador Retriever training is less frustrating than you would think. Below are some tips that will make housebreaking your  Labrador faster andlabrador training at clublabrador.com easier.

Take your puppy outside after he eats and drinks. If you’re also crate training your new pet, it will also need to go outside as soon as it comes out of the crate. Early morning and late evening trips outside are also recommended.

Praise your Labrador verbally and with affection when it does its business and then go immediately inside. This practice  shows the purpose of going outside. Do not leave your puppy out all day if you’re trying to house-train it, though. This can confuse your Labrador Retriever training efforts.

A Labrador puppy can be expected to refrain from using the bathroom for the number of hours that matches his age in months, up to ten months. A six month old puppy can hold it for four hours, a four month old puppy can only go four.  No dog should be expected to refrain for more than ten hours.

Many people think that a Labrador is housebroken when your pet comes to you to be let out or goes to the door but you should really be taking your puppy out on a regular schedule. This way, your Labrador knows that  a bathroom break will be coming and can hold it. The best schedule to follow is to take the puppy out first thing in the morning, after every meal, right before bed, and anytime you come home (no matter how long or short a time you’ve been gone).

labrador training at clublabrador.comIf you have a doggie door installed, the Labrador training procedure is the same until the puppy learns to go out by itself.  You should still be there early on to praise your dog and to train it to go in a certain part of the yard.

Some trainers suggest giving a cookie during Labrador Retriever training when your dog uses the bathroom outdoors. This idea doesn’t always work because then the puppy becomes focused on the treat. Praise  your pet and immediately go back inside. This will show the dog why you’re out there.

The most important part of housebreaking your Labrador puppy is to maintain a schedule it can count on and pay attention to what it’s asking for. Your puppy will be trained in no time!

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