Picky or Not, Good Food Is Best

labrador health, labradors and health, training labradorsA Labrador dog, like all breeds, eats dog food, and you want to be sure that you feed her the dog food that maximizes her optimum health. You may want to feed your puppy twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening, but be sure not to overfeed! Labs are happy, fun-loving, energetic dogs with a high metabolism, and some dogs will eat even when they are not hungry. This can make your Labrador sick, so patiently watch how much she eats and consider her behavior to determine exactly how much to feed her.

Some Labs may leave a little in the bowl for later when they are a bit older, and that should be totally okay with you. Others may not. As your dog matures, ir may be beneficial to begin feeding her once a day. But whatever your Labrador’s eating habits are, you need to be consistent in when, how often, and how much you feed her to maintain a healthy routine.

Some Labs develop allergies to certain kinds of food, including meat products. It is also generally a good idea for nutritional reasons to mix it up every few months, as this can prevent stomachlabrador health, labradors and health, training labradorsupset. Some Labs are picky eaters, others are not. Your task is to know your dog, what she likes and doesn’t like, and which foods are best for her needs. If you are concerned your Labrador is allergic to the food you are using, you may want to consider taking her to the vets to have her examined for allergies and to adjust her diet as needed.

Feeding your Labrador well, and with a consistent schedule is all part of the investment in having a healthy, fun, and loveable pet. Take the time to try several different types of food and carefully examine your dogs reaction to ensure you are feeding them the best possible food.

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