Puppy Training: The Labrador Way

Training your Labrador puppy is a gratifying and rewarding experience for both you and your puppy. The brain capacity and love of humans that the Labrador has makes them a very trainable dog. Labrador puppies are gifted students who are eager to please. During puppy training, Labradors are always the head of the class.labrador, labradors, active labradors, labrador training

Although it is never too late to start, it is important to start your Labrador training as early as possible. Your adorable little Labrador puppy will quickly grow to be a large and active dog, who can be excitable and  hard to control without a little basic obedience training.

Labrador Retriever puppies respond best to positive and non violent training methods. All these puppies require are some guidelines and boundaries in order to become well behaved and trustworthy members of your family. Your Labrador will do their best for you while in training so there is no need for harsh training methods.  Reward-based Labrador training techniques are the most effective way to teach your puppy. While it also provides quality time to spend with your dog, Labradors thrive on the physical and mental stimulation which obedience training provides.

Socializing your puppy early is very important step in your Labrador training program. It helps them to be comfortable with all types of people and animals. Social skills are vital for dogs to become a respected part of our human world.

labrador, labradors, active labradors, labrador training

All basic dog commands such as “sit”, “stay” and “heel” will be easily learned by your Labrador puppy. Most Labrador puppy owners stress the importance of teaching your dog how to walk nicely on  a leash without tugging or pulling andnot to jump up on people. Anybody who has had the pleasure of sharing their home with a Labrador puppy  will agree to the importance of these two puppy training commands. This is due to their size and excitable nature. Don’t worry, though; They are very fast learners!

If you plan to train your Labrador puppy yourself at home, it is recommended you follow some comprehensive Labrador training sites. There are huge communities of Labrador lovers who all share the common goal of wanting to raise, effectively train and care for their dogs in a positive manner. Labrador owners can learn so much from the experience and knowledge of other people who have been down the road of Labrador training before.  The Labrador lover family is a fulfilling and educational community to be involved in.

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