What to Expect When You Rescue a Labrador Retriever

Finding the answers to these questions will help you avoid difficulty in navigating the process of adopting your Labrador.

Labrador Retriever rescues come from most of the same sources as any other dogs. They are usually the result of random breeding, puppy mills and purebred show dogs. The Labrador breeder’s purebred puppy that was sold at Christmas for $800 could very easily be at the local animal rescue center by the Spring. Litters of pups that end up on animals shelter’s doorsteps each year are usually the result of the same backyard breeding that you see listed in the newspaper.

While rescue shelters have no control over what breeds of dogs will be brought in, they usually receive a fairly accurate cross section of the local community. Since Labrador Retrievers are a very popular breed, you’ll likely be able to find a Labrador or a Labrador mix within a few days. Most adoption centers accept Labradors regardless of age. Puppies are usually available for adoption after about seven weeks, depending on local rescue policies. You’ll also find older pets in Labrador rescue shelters, too.

Many Labradors are in shelters because of unanticipated issues within the family. A child can become allergic to their pet and cause the parents to need to find a new home for the dog. Sometimes dog owners die, leaving their Labradors unattended and not cared for. Sadly, it’s also not uncommon for Labradors to end up in shelters for less honorable reasons like needing too much attention, being too big or requiring walks. These poor pups are victims of their owner’s unrealistic expectations of them.

Stray Labrador Retriever rescues are also common. These are dogs that have been picked up by a citizen or by animal control and taken to the shelter to be claimed by their original owners. Unfortunately, the owners are sometimes never found or give up the search leaving the dog to be adopted by someone else.

Always be willing to try another shelter if you don’t find the right Labrador rescue for your home. The selection process can take a little time, but the more effort you put into it, the more successful your new Labrador rescue will be at integrating into your home.

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