Reasons to Use a Labrador Retriever Rescue to Find a Pet

Once you decide that a Labrador retriever is the type of dog you want for you home, you need to find one. You could look in the newspaper or online

Reasons to Use a Labrador Retriever Rescue to Find a Pet

classified ads to find someone local who happens to have a litter of pups. However, you can’t be sure of the quality of the parents. A pet store may be an option, but again, the quality is generally low and many of these dogs come from puppy mills. Instead, it is best to look into a dog rescue that specializes in the breed you want.

One of the benefits of purchasing your Labrador dog from a rescue is you will get the best fit for your family. Pet stores and some shelters will give a dog to anyone who has the money to get one. This increases the risk that the dog will become abandoned or abused by its new owners. Instead, many rescues require potential owners to interact with the dog and complete detailed profiles to ensure that they match the right dog with the right family. This helps ensure a better fit.

The quality of the Labrador retrievers is another concern alleviated by dog rescues. While rescues aren’t known to turn down any dog, they know a lot about the breed in which they specialize. When they specialize in Labrador dogs, they will know what to look for in dog quality. They will know if the dog is ill or has the potential for other problems based on its past history and care by previous owners. Therefore, you can feel confident that you will get a healthy dog in general.

Using a pet rescue also supports the cause. If you truly love dogs, it is important to support the proper channels. When you buy from a breeder with a poor reputation or a pet store supplied by puppy mills, you support the wrong causes and encourage that behavior, whether you condone it or not. Supporting a rescue, instead, can help save more dogs in the future.

Deciding to bring a Labrador retriever into your home as a pet is a big decision. Once you make that decision, it is important to find the right one for your family through proper screening. A dog rescue will screen both its dogs and potential owners to ensure the best match to reduce the chances of abuse and abandonment.

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