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We are please to announce the opening of our Labrador Retriever forum. We are offering a FREE Labrador Retriever Guide for anyone who joins the community. All you have to do is register, and the 15,000 word guide will be sent to your email in your welcoming email.

The FREE book covers a wide variety of topics such as:

  • A thorough explanation of what essential elements are lacking from most dog foods
  • Instruction in clicker training, and how it is proven to be the most effective training method
  • The dangers involved in choosing the wrong Labrador breeder
  • How to lower the risk of dysplasia, as well as information on other genetic defects
  • The best way to properly socialize a Labrador puppy, as well as a Rescued Labrador
  • Dangerous mistakes that many Labrador Retriever owners make

Please stop by, register and make a couple post on our new forum. We look foward to watching the forum grow.

You can visit the forum by visiting: http://forums.clublabrador.com

Club Labrador,


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