Curbing Bad Behaviors in Labrador Dogs

Labrador dogs are easy to train due to their high levels of intelligence.

Curbing Bad Behaviors in Labrador Dogs

However, they can sometimes establish undesirable habits that you want to get rid of. When this happens, you need to work with your dog to stop these habits early so your dog learns that these behaviors are unacceptable. If you take the time and make the effort to train your dog, though, you will find that it quickly drops these negative behaviors, making it more pleasant to own your dog.

As a dog owner, you can expect that your dog will bark sometimes, especially if someone unfamiliar comes onto your property. However, an excessive amount of barking is not okay for any dog. This can be a difficult habit to curb because you don’t want to stop it completely. Some people use bark collars to help prevent barking. If you choose these collars, though, it is best to go with a citronella spray collar or one that emits a high-pitched sound. Shock collars are inhumane.

Biting is another habit Labrador dogs usually begin when they are puppies. To give them credit, most Labradors don’t bite out of anger. Instead, they bite to play or because of teething issues. However, it is important to stop the biting before it becomes a problem. If the dog bites on a person or an inappropriate object, such as furniture, remove the dog from the situation, give a firm “no” and give the dog something appropriate to chew on, such as a bone or toy.

When you are away from your dog for a period of time, such as while you work, your dog may suffer from separation anxiety. If you allow your dog free roam of your home, you can expect that your dog may become destructive. This is why many people choose to crate train their dog and keep it confined while they are away. If your dog barks or howls in anxiety instead, keeping a radio or television on can help.

Even though Labrador dogs are fairly well-behaved, they can develop bad habits, especially early on in life. Making an effort to curb these behaviors can make your experience as a dog owner more pleasant. Cutting back on the barking, stopping the biting and helping your dog handle separation anxiety appropriately take some work on your part. Once your Labrador knows what you expect, you won’t have to keep correcting it.

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