Labrador Training

Training your Labrador to become a member of your family doesn’t have to be difficult. Following a few simple steps of Labrador training can help the process be a smooth one for you and your pet. If you have a Labrador puppy, start the process of Labrador training at the beginning to establish the rules of your home. The first step in puppy training is to teach house training to your new Labrador puppy. Teaching your puppy housebreaking as the first part of his Labrador training will make his stay as part of your family smoother and more enjoyable. Consistency is crucial during housebreaking with the development of a routine so that the Labrador puppy knows when he needs to go outside. Praise for positive results during Labrador training for any age of dog helps move the training forward with continued positive responses.

Repetition is a key element of Labrador training so that the dog recognizes a set of commands more quickly. For successful Labrador training, taking your dog to obedience school can help an owner be more confident and a dog learn strong training methods. Disciplining a Labrador during Labrador training should consist of a firm “no” or other consistent negative phrase. By utilizing the same negative or positive words throughout Labrador training, your Lab will learn to recognize the words as guides to his responses.

After showing the Lab what you wanted him to do, praise him for positive results. Hitting a Labrador for negative results should never be part of your Labrador training process.  Positive reinforcement should always be at the center of your Labrador training. Beginning positive praise-driven Labrador training when your Lab is a puppy will help reinforce good behavior and become an obedient and loving part of your family.

Once you have mastered the basics of Labrador training with your dog, you can move on to fun Labrador training pursuits like swimming lessons, playing fetch or Frisbee catching. Because you will have mastered the confidence level that comes with a well-trained Labrador, your dog will want to learn new things and obey you in different pursuits. The addition of a Labrador pet to your household will be a learning and growth experience that adds to your family and Labrador’s quality of life. With careful Labrador training, you will have a set of commands that work with your pet and your dog will become a devoted pet for his lifetime.

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