Families and Labradors

Labradors are known as a gentle, loyal and tolerant breed that make them an ideal choice for families. Families and Labradors go together well because Labradors are generally patient with children and tolerant to a loud or busy household. Parents of young children often choose the Labrador breed because they have heard from other families and friends that families and Labradors go well together.

If a family is considering adding a Labrador to their household, there are several reasons why the Labrador is often chosen as the perfect combination of families and Labradors. Film and television has portrayed the breed as sweet, kind, smart and heroic animals that fit well in a home as a pet or companion. While the on-screen persona of a lab gives families a very positive representation of Labs, before adopting a Labrador, the adopting family should remember that Labradors are still dogs. Labs still require attention and have a large amount of energy. This need for attention and activity adds to the appeal of the families and Labradors combination. Young children gain a friend for life in a Labrador while also enjoying the playful nature of the breed.

Families considering a lab for their family pet need to keep in mind that a small Labrador puppy grows very quickly into a large adult Labrador within a short time span. If an adopting family expects or needs a Labrador to remain a smaller dog, another breed might be a better choice. If a family home doesn’t have enough space for a larger pet, the situation won’t be comfortable for families and Labradors that need space to play and exercise. With love inherent in their behavior and through their eyes, Labradors have an instant appeal that families are drawn to for interaction with small children. In a family household that already has a pet or pets, Labradors adjust well and are playful with the other pets as well. Labradors offer families a love and loyalty that is ingrained in this friendly breed.

Families and Labradors need to work together through obedience training from the beginning of their life together. By developing a trust and obedience level from the outset, families and Labradors gain a bond that will endure throughout their time in the household. Families and Labradors go well together as Labradors seek out the love and attention of family members. If family members reciprocate that love and trust, Labradors will be one of the best pets chosen for families.


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