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Perfect Pets and Sometimes Problems

Like every pet, Labradors are prone to specific health problems – most notably hip dysplasia. This disorder causes the hip joint to malform and can range from mild cases to very severe. The worst cases require treatment and often surgery. Many dogs from this breed also suffer from one or two eye disorders, and epilepsy can be a problem for many.

Who could resist these loveable puppies

Making the Labrador a Part of Your Life

The ownership of a Labrador Retriever can be a wonderful addition to your family. Yet like any other ‘new addition,’ either human or animal, a Lab brings with it a whole host of duties and responsibilities.

Labs from a local Labrador Rescue

Adopting a Labrador in Need of a Loving Home

If you are looking for a new dog to add to your family, consider adopting a Labrador that has been rescued and is looking for a new home.We all know that puppies are soft and cuddly but they do turn into a adult dogs. Here are some good points to consider when it comes to choosing a puppy verses an older dog.

Cute chocolate labrador puppy

What kind of Labrador Retriever should you get?

The Labrador retriever is the single most popular dog in the United States and much of the rest of the world. The popularity of the book “Marley and Me” (which featured a mischievous yellow Labrador) raised the breed’s profile, as did President Bill Clinton’s chocolate Labrador, Buddy, during the ’90s. It’s no wonder; these good-natured dogs are great with kids, make happy outdoor companions and in general make great additions to an active family.

How to take care of a Chocolate Labrador’s Coat?

How to take care of a Chocolate Labrador’s Coat?

Many dog owners, to be specific Chocolate Labrador owners, do not know how to take care of their coats. Like most Labradors, they too shed their coats but this breed is slightly more problematic to take care of. So here are a few Labrador tips that will help you keep your Labrador’s coat nice and […]